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Unsurpassed excellence, value for money, quality as it’s hallmark, latest technology coupled painstakingly with compassionate and quality vigilant staff, continuous up gradation and improvement, absolute confidentiality…

A plethora of services like Extensive Test Menu, Preventive Health Packages, Download report, Home Visit Services, SMS alerts, Critical Value Notification ,URGENT requests, Personalised Consultation, Appointments, Network of Collection Centres, IT Connect, Emergency Ambulance Service, Loyalty Cards and 24 hour Help line on offer…

PMS offers much to the informed patient of today.
No one does it better than this!


Diagnostic Tests

A user friendly, detailed, List of Tests updates our clients of tests and their specifics. A quick glance apprises the patient of preparation before test, after care, cost, alternate names of tests, turn around time of a test etc.

Catering to the minutest detail we prove our mettle.

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Home Visit Service

For the old, weak, ailing or those who simply love the comfort of their homes, we offer the Home Visit Service. Our phlebotomists can collect samples from your home and you can choose to get your test results just as easily by fax, e mail, courier or SMS!

That smile on your face is our responsibility…

Book a Home Visit @ 09086325675

Preventive Health Packages

" PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE " and your health is important to us.

Research all over the world has proven that it is more economical to invest in preventive healthcare rather than to think of a hospital only in times of distress.

Job related stress, unhealthy eating habits, inadequate rest, high levels of pollution – all contribute to our health problems today.

An annual health check is one of the best things you can do to maintain good health as this aide's timely detection of any kind of disease or health risk.

For optimum benefits, health checks should be done on a routine basis.

By getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments, you are taking steps that will help your chances for living a longer and healthier life because Health checks also identify minor ailments at their onset and leads to a healthy lifestyle.

We offer you different health check up packages that will suit the needs of every client's class and this is done at your convenience of all the tests under one roof.

Visit us at PARAMOUNT MEDICAL SERVICES for the best comprehensive Health Check-Up Packages.

PMS is planned to be a 24-hour state-of-the-art healthcare facility providing high quality and affordable comprehensive healthcare.

The packages are not limited to Family, Corporate and Individual Health Check-up Packages, as packages exist for the following:

Online Reports

PMS is pleased to offer clients access to web-based electronic laboratory ordering and reporting. A quick and hassle free experience, PMS brings you the convenient and confidential option of viewing and delivery of test results courtesy our Online Report service. You can book online for an appointment and bid adieu to waiting time.
In case of a critical result we waste no time in alerting the referring doctor.

If there’s a way of banishing those frown lines from your face, believe, dapic has thought of it.


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Loyalty Card

We value long term relationships and believe this call for loyalty appreciation.

A PMS loyalty card entitles you to privileges like discounts, home visits, data storage/ retrieval and much more.

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Emergency and Ambulance Service

In case of a hospitalized patient needing special investigations 24hrs , we provide an ambulance service manned by our highly trained staff.
We offer efficient emergency test/sample handling and share critical result alerts immediately.

We understand, time is of essence, your every passing second is precious to us.

Call Ambulance @ 09086325675

24-hour Helpline

You can connect with team PMS 24×7 through our telephonic emergency and online support services.
Every time you smile,

We smile.

Call Help Line @ 09086325675




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