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Do I need a written request from my doctor to have radiology procedure?
Yes. Our centre requires a request or a requisition from a physician for imaging examinations. This is similar to the requirements for patients to obtain prescription medications. This can be in the form of a prescription, a Paramount Medical Services Referral Form, or it can be ordered online by your referring physician.

I have a question about my imaging options.
PMS does not give individual medical advice or opinion. We recommend that you ask your doctor or health services provider about your imaging options.

Do I need an appointment?
Every effort will be made to accommodate you and your schedule. Your day will run more smoothly if you have a scheduled appointment for your imaging, such as for an MRI, CT, Endoscopy, Echo etc. . Outpatient plain films such as CT, Ultrasound, chest x-rays, or extremity examinations like knees or hands are performed on a walk-in basis. Mammography, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and can be performed in a more time efficient manner if there are appointments. When scheduling an appointment, please communicate to the scheduler any allergies, prior contrast reactions, and any other special needs such as interpreter services or assistance that may be required for your radiology procedure.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
Call the scheduling desk/customer care dept (09098988222, 09086325675) where your procedure or imaging study was going to be performed, and leave a message if it is after hours or on the weekends. The department will contact you to reschedule.

Do I need any special preparation for my test?
You should be told about any special preparation when your examination is scheduled by the nurses or customer service personnel during registration. Typical examinations requiring special patient preparation include: CT and MRI scans, Interventional Procedures, Endoscopy, and Ultrasound.

What is being done to reduce the amount of radiation dose from CT scans?
Manufacturers of CT scanners have made great strides in reducing dose. Newer CT scanners have built in dose saving features designed to provide the lowest dose while preserving the image quality hence the acquisition for our 128 Siemens Somatom Perspective which allows up to 60% low dose of radiation compared to other CT machines.

What is purpose of intravenous contrast in CT Scan?
• To know the nature of lesion like granuloma, tumour, vascular malformation, venous
sinus thrombus in brain.
• To detect number of lesions.
• To know the extension of lesions.

What is purpose of oral contrast in CT Scan of abdomen?
Plain (without contrast) CT abdomen, bowel loops are difficult to differentiate from adjacent normal or abnormal structures because of similar density.
Oral contrast media (iodine solution) is hyper dense, so once contrast solution is taken before (according to protocol), all bowel loops are filled with hyper dense solution. So it is easy to differentiate bowel loops from adjacent normal or abnormal structures.

What is mammography and when do we need to perform a mammogram?
Mammograms are not invasive and performed for routine screening and diagnostic purposes of breast cancer. At PMS, routine screening exams follow the American Cancer Society's recommendation that women age 40 or older have an annual mammogram for the early detection of breast cancer.
Diagnostic exams are more comprehensive and performed when a lump or other symptoms of breast disease is found; these exams may also be ordered if a potential issue is discovered during a screening mammogram.

Do you have yearly preventive health check packages available at PMS?
Your health is as important to you as it is to us that why we have a list of health check packages below for your different health needs. (There should be the link to the health check packages here)





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